Posted on Sep 28, 2019

Newbury Soup Kitchen

The HOLT nurses came in today, we had four people come to see them which was great. One person who has not been to see them before, so it is good news that the word is getting around. Usually they are timetables for an hour every other week but this week the nurses stayed for two hours. Consultations do seem to take longer than a standard doctors appointment. With complex needs and requirements the flexibility that the nurses are able to give is invaluable. It is coming more and more apparent that this Outreach service is very important to the homeless and vulnerable community and desperately needed. We have a few more clients come to us during the session itself this evening who need to see a nurse or doctor. Reminding people when the HOLT nurses are at The Soup Kitchen is one thing, remembering and turning up at the right time is another. They are with us 4-5pm bi-weekly.

Many of our clients get sores on their legs from Alcohol or Needle usage. These need to be monitored carefully and dressed appropriately. The HOLT nurses are trained to do this. Some people can have sores like this for years but they can eventually be the cause and a person losing a leg.
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