Posted on Aug 26, 2019

Newbury Soup Kitchen

The session this week was uneasy, and it felt uncomfortable. There was too much going on at one time; a session where we had to have eyes everywhere.

We are still looking for a First Aid Volunteer with lots of experience.

We were six volunteers down tonight; unfortunately a few last minute cancellations so we were unable to get extra cover. We managed, however, there were a lot of issues going on at once but the volunteers rallied around to make sure every area of the hall and outside where covered. As a team we all worked together supporting each other dealing with every situation that arose. Meryl says that sometimes she looks around and quietly panics a bit about the enormity of what has been created and how much more complex sessions can be. The responsibility can be huge at times to ensure safety, pre-empting situations and to make the session enjoyable, supportive and event free as possible.
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